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Our Students Database Sources


* Our source of student & education leads generation and database from top private schools and colleges through outside the gate seminar, exhibitions & surveys.

* Invitation Seminar conduct inside/outside in the school and colleges. 

*Students database generation through Above the line (ATL),Below the  line(BTL),Through the line(TTL), Events and Promotions.

 *  Online & Offline Campaigning.

 *  Reality & Casting Show (Crowd-Students) Auditions.

 *  Education Fair & Trade Shows. 

 *  Students Community Clubs.

 *  Cold-Calling.

 *  Incoming inquiry from Students.

 *   Our In-House leading education-portal.

 *   Captive Unit & Off-shoring Students Database Providers.

What is Permission-Based Marketing ? Why this need ?

Before we proceed any further, let’s define exactly what permission-based email marketing is. It is important to note that there are two types of email marketing. One can either send unsolicited email promotions or send out emails only to persons who have requested to receive them. Unsolicited email is, of course, called spam. Sending spam will ruin any legitimate organization’s reputation and brand value faster than mold grows on bread that is left outside in the middle of summer. Rule number one of becoming an intelligent email marketer is to not send unsolicited email.

Permission-based email marketing, on the other hand, is used effectively everyday by hundreds of thousands of organizations to build the value of their brands, increase sales, and strengthen the relationships they have with their clients and subscribers. The key difference, of course, is that these senders are only sending messages to persons who have requested to receive them.

For more details read this article- Students Database Providers need to follow important law-suit.