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Good Leads vs. Bad Leads


Generally we receive a feedback from client that your lead cost is too...........high, we try to explain ourselves but still client want to listen only what they would like to listen without getting deep analysis. Now here is comparison between Good Leads Vs. Bad Leads. 


 1. Always Cheap rate 1. Always ROI based price.
 2. Illegal source of database 2. Always have high priority to generate leads in consent based. 
 3. Shared by N number of clients 3. Always respect to students privacy and shared less no. of clients
 4. Less Connectivity  4. Less rate of bounce rate.
 5. Always share Good sample but original leads pathetic 5. They never share sample as high demand of leads. 
 6. Students are not willing to speak as they have already received 100's of calls 6. Students will listen and then say "I am not interested"
 7. Always negotiate and available low cost   7. Never negotiate and available with market cost
 8. Client never come again 8. Client always come with higher demand
 9. Students and caller also feel pathetic 9. Students and caller feel "It was nice conversation"
 10. Non-oriented target based students database 10. Target based students database
 11. Suitable for Bulk SMS 11. Suitable for Calling, WhatsApp, Email and Courier


To avoid waste of time, money and most important resources and your brand name now it's upto you whether are looking for cheap leads or Return of Investment and conversation based costly leads.  

Student database doesn't mean you will always get conversation, it should always mean that what types of database you are getting whether it has used by "n" no. of client or whether it has only follow the matrix rule means shared only with not more than 4 clients. 

Most and not least in any point of time if students ask from where you get my details, what you will say  I am getting your leads from someone who is selling all entrance exams database with illegal source. 

Still if you are looking for that kind of leads we don't have any answer because we would love those client who respect our students and willing to work with us long-term association.